Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Searching for Lady Luck by Patricia Kiyono


Only seven years have passed since Rose Sheffield was a carefree college student, though it seems like a lifetime ago. Her father’s position at a major bank provided her with luxuries she took for granted. Now she works at menial jobs to support herself and her mother, and they live in what used to be their vacation home in Wildwood, New Jersey. Rose’s days are pure drudgery, until she meets Charlie. As luck would have it, she just happens to have the perfect place to display his artwork.

Before the Great Stock market crash of 1929, Charlie Brannigan was hailed as an up and coming artist in Manhattan. But now he’s back at his family home in Wildwood, delivering newspapers in the mornings and selling his paintings on the Boardwalk in the afternoons. He needs some luck in his life, and it seems every time a pretty lady named Rose appears, good things happen.

Brandi's Review:
I had the pleasure of receiving a free copy of this novella for review. I love things set in post depression era and light romance is always a plus for me. I have to say, this story can transcend time periods with its content and story line. I fell in love with Charlie and Rose. They were both well developed. I love how it didn't jump in your face as a romance and you see the sweet and tender love blossom. I worried, smiled, and even had tears in my eyes at the end. Looking for a short and sweet read that is sure to stick with you? Look no further!

I gave 5 stars!!

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